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Portrait of Louie taken by Michelle Verrall
Sire: Copper Hill's Amtrak X Dam: Cachet's Legacy
Whelped: August 26, 1996
Photography by Michelle Verrall

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Search and Rescue!

I sold Louie to Michele at around 8 months of age.   She was looking for a good competitive obedience Boxer, and I took an instant liking to her and her family when they came to see him. Michele and her family really liked Louie and they took him home to PA.

Michele and I stayed in touch throughout the years and later she told me her interest had changed toward search and rescue training.   Michele worked extra hard to train Louie and was determined to make him the best he could be as a team with her.

When the World trade Center was attacked Michele and Louie were put to the test under the most trying conditions.   Both Michele and Louie went in where only the strong-hearted could bear to go.   They worked as a team each day finding important evidence, and earned the respect of all the other workers, police officers and firemen.

The American Boxer Club, with much help from Bobbie Wagner presented a first time award ever given to a Search and Rescue Boxer at the ABC National awards dinner to Michele and Louie for their work at a time of a national disaster in New York City.   They had a slide presentation with a photo of Louie, and a moment of silence for the victims at the World Trade Center.   I was not able to attend, nor was Michelle due to other prior commitments. I was told by many of my friends who attended, "that there wasn't a dry eye in the room."   I wish I could have been there to join in this emotional presentation of a dog I am so proud of whelping and breeding.

I am also very proud of Michele because she and Louie are some of the heroes that make a big difference in many peoples lives for the work they do. The song "Hero" that you hear playing here and on his Cover Page is for Michele and Louie for their unselfish devotion to helping others in times of disaster and need.

Louie at home with Michele Verrrall's two childred Holly and Rob and their birds and other dogs.
Louie at home with Michele Verrrall's two childred Holly and Rob
and their birds and other dogs.

Louie's grandfather Danny.
Louie's Grandfather Danny - Beaufront's D'Artagnan,
owned and bred by Billie McFadden
Louie at work.
Louie at work.


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