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Kathleen as a child
At 5 years of Age

My name is Kathleen (Kate) Schoyer and I have had Boxers since I was born.

My love for the Boxer breed started as a young child growing up with a wonderful black faced fawn female named Sandy.

My twin sister and me (left) with Sandy

Sandy was from a litter of 14 pups and my mother's cousin gave her to our family. Sandy was our constant companion. My mother always said she felt safe with Sandy guarding my twin sister and older sister and I while playing in the yard. Sandy would not let a stranger near us, and she was the best babysitter my parents ever had. If my parents raised their voices at us when we were bold, Sandy stood inbetween them and us. She took her protection job very seriously. My parents were amazed how protective Sandy was of us. Sandy lived to be 12 years old. When we put her to sleep I was also 12 years old, and I was heartbroken because I felt I had lost my best friend.

Mannix Lodge

Christmas - Winter 2002
My house in early Spring.
Early Spring.

I have had other breeds over the years too. Two German Shepherds, a very smart Irish Setter for almost 14 years that finished her CD with a 195 average, and two Standard Manchesters. I have had many Boxers over the years and have done obedience, and dappled in Schutzhund, fly ball and finally the conformation ring.

I have had Boxers from different well-known breeders and bloodlines. My cardiologist had to approve every Boxer I purchased by testing for heart clearance. I tested every Boxer I owned as early as 1980. I started with several bitches I wanted to use as my foundation, only to find out their hearts were good, but then a mouth went wry, or they had a thyroid problem, or a temperament problem, congenital kidney problem, etc. I am sure most people starting out have had the same laments. I did seem to have my share, but I gained a great deal of knowledge from each problem.

I have been very blessed to have good mentors in Boxers over the years. I have to give much credit to Mrs. Billie McFadden from New Jersey (originally from England) , for all her time, educational materials, patience and friendship for the last 23 years . If I had a problem or a question I could just pick up the phone and Billie would have the answer. I feel without her guidance it would of been much harder to be where I am now in my breeding program. Billie made it easier for me, I relied on her keen perspective, humor and vast knowledge to help guide me over the years. I have heard Billie, who is a well respected judge and Boxer breeder give seminars on the Boxer, and I have read her book, "The New Boxer" many times. Billie has a way of communicating that you feel you have learned a lot in a very short time, she is just a natural teacher and mentor. I could listen for hours to her lovely well-educated English accent.

I also have to thank Beverly Capstick who hails from Minnesota for her friendship, countless seminars she gave that I attended on conformation when she lived in New York for a few years in the 1980's. Beverly is a retired schoolteacher, an accomplished artist and multi-breed judge. If you want to go to a good seminar on conformation go to one of Beverly's.

Between these two ladies I learned what correct movement and breed type were, as I sat ringside with each of them countless times observing different breeds, not just Boxers.

Kathleen judging a Sweepstakes
Judging a Sweestakes

I am a member of the American Boxer Club, New Jersey Boxer Club and Granite State Boxer Club plus 2 all breed clubs, Albany KC and Saratoga KC.

The very nice quality work on this website will tell you the rest of the story of my Boxers I have owned in the past, or still do own. I hope you enjoy it, as it is a history of many of my most cherished Boxers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I believe that we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, is not an act but a habit.


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