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Mannixs Protege

Sire: Ch.Cachet's Stetson of Mannix
Dam: Hallmark's Futura
Whelped: November 27, 1998
Owned by Evan Salmore
co-owned by Kate Schoyer
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DASHA placed in the Futurity at the 1999 ABC under Boxer specialist Shirley Bell.
She is the dam of Rumor.

Dasha was shown and is pointed. She is the very sweet laid back loving companion of Evan and his wife Natalie Salmore of Greenwich, CT. She is their constant companion and a great watch dog, sounding the alarm to challange an intruder. Evan says Dasha is very protective over them. Dasha's mother Hallmark's Futura -Abby is also a wonderful watch dog, and so is Ch Cachet's Stetson of Mannix -Wyatt. Dasha has also been in agility classes with Evan and they both had fun doing it. Evan is very proud of Dasha.

Dasha's brother Desi lives with young children. One day they were taking a walk along side of their rural road with Desi on leash. Desi saw an oncoming car coming too close to the 6 year old, and ran up to her and pushed her out of the way of the oncoming car. Desi's owners were amazed how he was protecting their little girl from harm.

I have seen this many times throughout my childhood with my own Boxer Sandy protecting us. One time another neighborhood dog growled at me and Sandy was like a speeding bullet and on top of the other dog to teach it a lesson. Needless to say Boxers instinctly know when a situation can be dangerous, and they have a keen sense to know the right thing to do.

Mannix's Innovation

Sire: Ch.Cayman's Black Bart SOM
Dam: Elyte's Outbacker
Whelped March 2,2000
Owner: Kate Schoyer
Breeders: Kate Schoyer/Elaine Magnifico
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Her Daughter Fiona on her 12th birthday

Fiona is out of Yetta ( Black Bart / Sydney ) daughter by Ch Shadow's Nairobi.
She is owned by Pam and Bob Bober and her 2 beautiful daughters in Ringoes, NJ

See Yetta's litter here in 2003
Yetta is Cooper and Austin's full litter siter and has been retained for breeding.
Yetta is my lovable "monkey face" black masked girl.   She has a dark rich red mahogany shiny coat, and is a high-energy dog out in the yard.  Yetta at 62 pounds likes to jump straight up and latch her paws onto my 6-foot stockade fencing and hold herself up to peer over the fence, she has incredible muscle tone.  I have tried to break her of this sport she invented and enjoys, but to no avail.  She is just a nosy gal that likes to see what is going on at all times. She likes to be the last one in the house when called, and loves the outdoors.

She is a joy to own and a true clown.  Yetta also likes to leap into 3-5 foot snowdrifts in the yards.  She is my dare devil Boxer and one of my tree limb pruners too.   Yetta, Monica and Shania are all partners in crime.   Yetta's 1/2 sister Lita (also a Black Bart daughter) has actually climbed anchor fencing like a pro as a young pup!  That is one of several reasons why I went to stockade fencing to enclose my yards.



Elyte's Outbacker

Sire: Ch Triwin's Crusader
Dam: Ch Summit Ash Elytes Caliber
Whelped: January 19, 1997
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Sydney is the dam of Astrid and Glory. Their Sire Is Ch.Cachet's Stetson of Mannix.   She is also the dam of Cooper, Austin and Yetta by Ch. Cayman's Black Bart.

I acquired Sydney at 2 years old on a co-ownership from her breeder who had taken her back from her previous co-owners, because they left her out in the yard in cold weather all day unattended. Sydney loves to be indoors and hates the cold. She is a good watch dog, very sweet and smart, and gets along well with other dogs.

Sydney was an excellent mother to her two litters of puppies. Sydney free whelped a total of 20 puppies in just two litters. Having more then completed her maternal duties she was spayed at 4 years old.

Sydney is now in a loving home as a "queen couch potato" with her Springer Spaniel friend Haley, and loved by Cathy and Harry Friebourg of Clifton Park, NY. I get weekly updates from Cathy on how her Sydney is doing, as we work together .

Gansey's Presidential Indescretion

Sire: Ch Gamet's Sure Fire v Goldfield
Dam: Ch.Tarabran's Tecknique
Whelped May 21,1998
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Monica is the dam of Trina, Ch.Mannix's Just Quintessence
Monica is a delight to own.  I purchased her at 9 months old, her ears were cropped, but not standing.  It was too late, and I tried taping to no avail.  She is always trying to please, is very sweet, lovable and comes running when called.

Monika is an excellent house and watchdog.  She is my hunter, and so comical when she comes running up to me with a prize.  On several occasions she has come up to me with her prize of a mouse, or bird she has caught, and I see a little tail or foot hanging out of her lips.  I then pry her mouth open to get the evidence, but sometimes she will just spit them out for me. We will not talk about the frogs, toads, moles or garden snakes she gets that live in my hedges and rocks ..............the benefits from living in the country!   Monika knows better then to pick up toads in her mouth, except by their little legs.  I think Monica is a better mouser that my cats.

Monika has a sleek black reverse brindle coat and is built like a body builder, forever running in the yard with her buddies Yetta, Shania and Wyatt.

She is an excellent mother. Trina and Kira are her daughters sired by my male Ch Cachet's Stetson of Mannix.  Monika will be bred to Bogie-Ch Shadow's Nairobi (SOM) for her last litter in spring of 2003. We already know the bloodlines mix well with a lovely Trina /Bogie litter already on the ground with pups ready to hit the show ring soon.


Mannix's Inkspot

Sire:Ch.Cayman's Black Bart SOM
Dam: Cachet's Affirrmation Lola
Whelped: June 9, 1999
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Mannix's Ink Spot (Lita) is from my dear Lola (Cachet's Affirmation) and the famous Top Twenty winner Ch Cayman's Black Bart (SOM).  

I sold Lita on a co-ownership and breeding contract to a lovely family at one year old.   They returned Lita to me in the fall of 2002 because of a serious family illness, and felt she needed more attention that they could no longer give her, as their family was in crisis. Lita is sweet, intelligent and fitted right back into my household with my other dogs.  She became instant best friends with Shania.

Lita came in season, and as planned, was bred to my homebred male Wyatt, (Ch Cachet's Stetson of Mannix).   During the 3rd-4th week of her pregnancy she became ill with a stomach bug, but then recovered nicely, but I knew it was a crucial time for her to get sick while puppies are developing.   She gained weight, ate well, looked pregnant and then suddenly looked thinner and became even more active and playful. I usually do not x-ray, but I needed to know as I had a very important appointment in CT that I could get in on a cancellation, and it was on her due date. The x-ray confirmed no pups, with an apparent reabsortion having occurred.

On the 70th day after her 2nd and last breeding I came into the one living room where I keep my Boxers, to be greeted by an excited Wyatt, with Lita in Shania's open crate, with Shania . Wyatt was making such a fuss and running over to the crate, I knew they were up to something ....here in the crate was a big 1 pound 2 oz male brindle puppy being licked off by both girls ! Lita had just eaten a big dinner a few hours before, and I was a bit surprized to say the least !   I scooted the girls out of the crate and crawled in the back of the large wire crate, took the pup dried him off as he tried to suck on my fingers and hands, and tied off his cord and cut it. Well little Solo - Mannix's Lone Ranger is now my amazing beautiful lone puppy that had his Aunt Shania assisted his birth as a mid-wife. My girls are amazing and I love how sweet they are !   Lita is so pleased with her new son and is an excellent mother, just as her mother Lola was, and Lola's mother Raven was to her litter too.

The motto here is : never believe an x-ray !! My vets were amazed, but nothing surprises me anymore with one of my Boxers !!


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